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Shower Booster Pump Repair and Service A shower booster pump can make an incredible difference to the quality of your showers, particularly in areas with low water pressure. Once you get used to a shower booster pump, it can be hard to live without faster showers and better water pressure. If your shower booster pump breaks, you’ll want it fixed as soon as possible so your routine isn’t disturbed. At Phibsboro Gas, we offer a comprehensive shower booster pump repair and service, designed to keep your pump in optimal condition for long-term use. Our shower booster pump services include the following: Routine maintenance. Replace faulty parts. Fix leaks. Install a replacement pump. call now
Shower Repair / Replacement The shower is such an essential appliance in your daily routine, but you often don’t realise how useful it is until it breaks. At Phibsboro Gas, we offer fast shower repair and replacement services so you and your family aren’t inconvenienced. We’ll send out one of our technicians to determine what the problem is, and either repair or replace your shower according to your needs. If you notice an issue like no hot water, low water pressure, or no water stream, get in touch and we’ll arrange an appointment that fits into your schedule. We’ll also advise you on proper shower maintenance to avoid issues in the future. Our shower services include: Routine maintenance. Repair broken features. Plumbing & Repairs. Shower Pump Repair. call now
Increase Water Pressure Low water pressure is a problem for thousands of homes across the country, and many people don’t know how to improve their situation. Your area’s water system may be supporting too many buildings, meaning your water pressure goes down when new builds go up nearby. Phibsboro Gas can increase your water pressure by addressing all the biggest and most common water pressure issues that may be affecting your home. We’ll fix any current issues and, if applicable, show you how a water pump could increase your home’s water pressure. We’ll examine all possible features that could be affecting your water pressure, including: Water meter. Boiler. Pipes and valves. Shower and bath. Taps. Toilet. call now
Circulation Pump Repair / Replacement Circulation pumps are an invaluable resource for busy households who need hot water without waiting. Without a circulation pump, you could be spending thousands of euro heating up water that is allowed to cool again before it’s used. Like any regularly used appliance, circulation pumps need to be serviced to keep them performing well. If your circulation pump isn’t working correctly, you may need a repair or replacement. When you call Phibsboro Gas, we’ll send out one of our expert technicians to assess the situation and fix whatever issues your circulation pump is having. Our circulation pump services include the following: Pump cleaning. Repair of broken features. Replacement of faulty parts. Total pump replacement. call now
Taps fitted We use our taps every single day, and eventually they need to be replaced after years of wear and tear. You might also want to have new taps fitted as part of a home renovation. Whether it’s a practical or aesthetic choice, Phibsboro Gas can fit new taps in your bathroom or kitchen. We can supply you with taps or work with taps you have already bought. Our expert plumbers can fit all kinds of taps, including pillar taps that supply either hot or cold water, or mixer taps that allow you to balance the water temperature in a single stream. Let us know exactly what you need and we’ll fit a tap that meets your specifications. Our tap fitting services include: Kitchen taps. Bathroom taps. Pillar taps. Mixer taps. Monoblocs. Outside and garden taps. call now
Leaks Fixed There are many types of leaks that can be affecting your home, and the extent of the damage isn’t always clear straight away. If a leak is left unaddressed, you can have problems such as damp smells, mould or mildew in your home, and high water bills. At Phibsboro Gas, we can quickly find the cause of your leak and fix the issue before your home is damaged further. Whether the leak is coming from a pipe or an appliance, our leak experts can quickly address the issue and keep your home dry. We can fix all your most common leak issues, including: Patching / Replacing Leaking Pipes. Radiator / heating system leaks. Shower / bathroom leaks. Fixing leaking pipes. call now
Overflows of tanks There are several kinds of water tank that could be overflowing in your home, and you might not know which one needs to be addressed. If you notice a pipe pointing out from the side of your house that is dripping or pouring water, it means your water tank needs to be addressed. Your tank may need a blockage removed or a part replaced. Phibsboro Gas deal with the overflow of water tanks, and can help you with any kind of water tank you have. Many of the most common tank overflow issues are fast and inexpensive to fix, so don’t hesitate to arrange an appointment. Our tank overflow services include: Cold water tanks. Water heater tanks. All other overflowing water tanks. call now
Thermostats installed Installing a thermostat will ensure that your boiler is working efficiently so you always have hot water when you need it. While there are many online DIY guides for installing a thermostat, we recommend using an expert because there can be unforeseen obstacles when dealing with water heating systems. Phibsboro Gas are available to install new thermostats and replace existing ones, so get in touch if you’re worried that your thermostat isn’t operating correctly. Thermostats prevent your boiler from overheating, saving you money on your energy bills and preventing long-term damage to your system. Our thermostat services include: Replacement of an old thermostat. Thermostat installation. Assessment and repair of thermostat issues. call now
Kitchen Plumbing The kitchen is an essential part of every household, and kitchen plumbing problems can cause chaos for mealtimes and the daily routine. If you find a leak in your kitchen or notice that your sink or dishwasher is underperforming, call Phibsboro Gas. We’ll send out one of our expert technicians to find the cause of the problem and get it fixed quickly. We can replace any parts that have undergone a lot of wear and tear, and unclog appliances that might have slowed down over time. Our kitchen plumbing services include: All kitchen plumbing. Taps & sinks installed. Connect up appliances to water / drains. Blocked drains. Leaks fixed. Hot water issues. Improve water pressure. call now
Bathroom plumbing Bath plumbing Shower plumbing Toiler plumbing Sink plumbing Blocked drains Water pressure Bathroom plumbing issues can lead to larger problems if not dealt with in a timely manner, so make sure to call Phibsboro Gas if you’re experiencing issues. Common problems include blockages, leaks, slow draining, and a lack of hot water. Some problems will become evident straight away, whereas others can be harder to notice until they’re an unavoidable problem. A common example is shower leaks going unnoticed until the floor around the shower begins to rot. There’s more plumbing in your bathroom than any other room of the house, so it’s important to maintain your systems for long-term use. Our bathroom plumbing services over all plumbing requirements for your bathroom. call now
Central Heating plumbing Full heating systems - Gas / Oil / Air to water Radiators installed / replaced Immersions fixed / installed Elements replaced Heating system flush Cylinders installed Radiators replaced Balancing Gas boiler service Gas boiler repair Leak repair Your central heating is one of the largest systems in your home, so it’s important that it’s in good condition. A properly installed and maintained central heating system will make your home more comfortable and save you money on your energy and water bills. Our technicians are available for routine maintenance and emergency situations, just get in touch and let us know what you need. We can work on all the most popular systems, including gas, oil, and electric. Whether you have an issue with a boiler, radiator, or pipe, Phibsboro Gas are available for all your central heating plumbing needs. call now
Garden / Outdoor Plumbing Outside Taps Fitted Connect outside buildings with water Garden plumbing can often be overlooked in favour of addressing indoor plumbing problems. With Phibsboro Gas, you don’t need to choose- we can take care of your outdoor plumbing as well as indoor. It’s particularly important to keep your garden plumbing functional in case of bad weather, as storms and rainfall can make existing problems worse. Dealing with garden plumbing issues in a timely manner means less risk of flooding and water damage. If you notice any leaking, blockages, or unusual occurrences with your drains or taps, give Phibsboro Gas a call. call now
Emergency Plumbing Services Burst & leaking pipes Broken boiler Broken shower Broken water pump Plumbing problems can happen at any time, and sometimes your problem is too urgent to wait for an appointment. If certain plumbing issues aren’t addressed quickly, they can cause thousands of euro in damage. Phibsboro Gas provide emergency plumbing services. Get in touch any time you have a plumbing emergency that just can’t wait. Whether it’s a burst pipe at 3am or a broken boiler on a Bank Holiday Monday, Phibsboro Gas will always have expert technicians ready to help you out. Our emergency plumbing services cover all kinds of emergencies, including: call now